Friday, January 9, 2009

Phoenix Comicon 2009


So, how's your New Year going?

Wanted to drop some infos to ya regarding the Phoenix Comicon that runs January 23-25.

I'm going to be there, set up in Artist Alley, just like last year. I'll be sharing my table with my good bud :iconhydekomiksink:, and I'll have goodies galore! I'll be debuting my Spider-Man prints, a BRAND-NEW 2009 sketch book, 2 new Zombie Card Designs, a Wizard of Oz coloring book based on my versions of the characters (and featuring text by my favorite writer, my wife), and loads more.

It's gonna be weird and cool to come back to PHX. PCC was the first con that I ever went to back when it was basically a one-day flea market type show. The next year (which was the first year the con was 2 days), I was on staff, I designed the program book, and I was a guest liason, shuttling the likes of Jimmy Palmiotti and Ron Garney to their panels and airport, as well as doing other staffy-type jobs. The next year, I went as a representative of the (now defunct) AZCBA, and did sketches at their table to raise money for the organization. Then came last year. I had my first Artist's Alley table at PCC. It was a TON of fun, I met a lot of really great people, drew a lot, and generally had a great time. But I lived in PHX then. So basically the con wasn't any big deal to go and set up at. I just drove there with my stuff in the trunk. This year, however, PCC gets to be another first for me: My first long-distance con. See, I moved to Portland this past May. And I've done a few cons since then. But, every con I've done since last January has been close enough to drive to, since the PNW is full of creators and fans. This will be the first time I set up at a con that I need to actually travel to. SO, I'm a little nervous. I keep thinking "What if I forget something?" It's not like I can just drive home. "What do I need to take," what can I fit in my bags?" "I can't take any of my display crap, what'll I do to display my stuff?" How do you guys and gals that do this all the time prepare? What do you take/leave behind? What are your travel secrets?

I'll also be taking commissions at my table for sketch cards and larger commissions. A full-color sketch card will run you $25, a 9"x12" Inked commission will go for $40, colors will run $60. Head sketches (b/w only) will be $15. So if you want one, and want to be able to get it early, note me and I'll have it ready at the con.

Also, Thursday Preview night at 7pm, I'll be on a panel about Sketch Cards with :icontonyparkerart:,:iconskulljammer:, Tess Fowler & Justin Barrett. Come on by! I'm hoping to have some stuff to hand out, and even if that falls through, it's sure to be a great time with Tony and Ben on a panel together!

:iconcheeks-74: will be at the con, too as a guest. I'm really looking forward to meeting him. As well as :iconjessasketch::icondavrab1::iconsteamcrow::icontrashydevil: and a WHOLE BUNCH of others I don't have DA addresses for.

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